Networking Homepage for St. Luke Parishioners

Services offered...




Please email Fr. Christ with services you are willing to provide for free or a significantly reduced cost to parishioners.  An example of services that may be available are listed below. 



Improve Your Resume:  Want help putting your experiences (both work and volunteer) into a resume that won't get lost in the shuffle? Contact Niki Thompson at and she will be willing to sit down and create a resume that is appealing to you and potential employers. College grads and students looking for internships/careers are welcome to contact her as well. This is a free service Niki is providing to St. Luke parishioners.


Doctors services:

Cardiac Professional Services via Cardiologists office.  Hospital/Medication assistance not available.


Financial Advice:

Perry Stathacos can provide information or answer questions on real estate, mortgages, short sales or foreclosures. Everything remains confidential.